Email Systems

We help local small businesses create an automated email communication program designed to grow word of mouth from past customers and follow up with prospective customers that were not ready to hire them on the spot.

How we help grow word of mouth:

When we speak of small service-based business owners, they tell us that 80-95% of their business but most of them do not have a system or process to enhance it.  That is why we decided to offer a service to help solve that gaping hole that most local service businesses have.

Most business owners assume that if you do good work and do what you say you were going to do that person will automatically refer you to their friends and family when the time comes.  That does happen, however, we can help it happen on a much more frequent basis.

We will help you develop a past customer communication plan that we call a Train your Customer Plan.  It is meant to do two things:

  1. Stay top of mind with your past clients because you never know when the opportunity may come up for them to refer you, but you want to be sure that they think of you even if it has been 2, 5, or 10 years since they have done business with you.
  2. Make them aware of all the products and services that you offer because it is much easy to sell more to a past customer than it is to get a new one.

The goal is to keep your customer as active as possible with you so you can transition them from just a customer to a raving fan of your business (or at least have that be the goal).

That way you are keeping them away from the quit line, and you are continuing to AUTOMATICALLY strengthen your relationship with them over time.

The Loyalty Ladder
The Quit Line

Prospective Customer follow-up:

If you are anything like the hundreds of business owners that we have spoken to you, have forgotten to follow up with a past potential customer or two (probably more).  You are not alone!!  It is virtually impossible to stay in touch with all your prospective customers if you do not have an easy system in place.  Especially in your busy summer months!!

We will help you design an email communication system that will automatically stay in touch with a prospective customer on a schedule that you choose.  After the system is set up, it is as simple as inputting their name and email into the system, and there would be an automatic follow-up schedule that will happen.  That way no more prospective customers will slip through the cracks and venture off to your competition.

A great feature about this is we can make it feel like you are talking to you prospect on a one on one basis, rather than feeling like they are part of a nonpersonal spam campaign.

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