Facebook Strategy

We help small businesses create a two-pronged strategy when it comes to Facebook strategy.  We assist them to create an active Facebook page so that they create a vibrant community of people that are engaged with them on Facebook, but we also create targeted Facebook ads to grow that community of individuals.

Page Management:

We help you create an active Facebook page that posts 4-7 times per week depending on the client.  We have found that without a system, businesses get very overwhelmed with posting to their page on a frequent basis.  This lack of consistency looks awful to the people that currently like you page and even worse to the people that come to visit it.

We help avoid that by working with your to create a weekly system that keeps the consistency of your Facebook posts at the level it should be.


Facebook Ads: This is really where the rubber meets the road with your Facebook strategy.  Facebook has over 1.4 BILLION users on their platform, and the average person is 40 y/o and checks their Facebook page 14 times per day. Plus, Facebook has opened their database up to advertisers that want to talk to specific types of customers.  That fact has created an amazing space for businesses, especially local businesses, to use Facebook ads to have a HUGE return on their investment with ads if done correctly. For example: If you were a plumber in Minocqua, WI you could create an ad campaign targeted to everyone that lives in a 20-mile radius, is over 50 y/o, makes over six figures, owns a home, and is interested in home remodeling.  Do you think you would advertise to this person differently now that you know a little about who will be viewing the ad?  ABSOLUTELY!!! We will help you create Facebook ad campaigns that fit any marketing budget, and we can show you exactly how those dollars are working for you. The best part is that the ads can be tested for effectiveness and be turned on or off at any time if they are not performing up to the metrics that we set for them. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can come up with for your business no matter what industry you are in