About Us

Thank you for taking a look at Foundation First Media and considering us for your business.

We would like to take a moment and introduce our Founder Andrew Bontz.  To be transparent, right now we are a team of one, but we are growing quickly ;).

Andrew has been immersed in Sales and Marketing for the past 13 years and has been working with local small businesses for the previous three years through his publisher role at Best Version Media.  During that time, he has met with over 300 business owners and has learned their frustrations and their challenges when it comes to marketing.

Andrew discovered that most small businesses owners invest thousands of their hard earned dollars on local marketing choices like newspapers, TV, radio, direct mail, and many others without having their marketing foundation in place.  Operating a marketing plan like that creates a lot of lost opportunities and wasted effort because of the changing habits of customers.

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, Andrew hated waste and decided in late 2015 that he was going to create a company to solve this problem for small businesses.