If you run a salon that offers hair extensions, you know that the value of obtaining a brand-new client who becomes committed to keeping their hair in good shape goes way beyond just that first appointment.

If you offer a great service in a salon that’s welcoming, your customers can stay with you for years to come, giving you a great opportunity to build your business. And it doesn’t end there. According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of people are likely to ask friends and family for a recommendation when choosing a salon.

But of course, reaching new clients isn’t always easy. You’re busy doing what you do best – creating great hair and don’t always have the time to sit and plan marketing strategies for attracting new clients.

Fear not – we have got this guide together for you, which identifies the types of clients looking for YOUR business right now, and how to bring them straight into your salon.


Client Type – Low hanging fruit

These are the people that are online right now searching for hair extensions. They have had professional hair extensions before and it’s time to try a new salon. They may be on Google searching “hair extensions near me”, or they might be browsing YouTube to work out what hair extension method suits them best. This type of client knows what they want – they already know the hair length, type of hair and the result to expect. They are quite literally ready to book an appointment and are yours for the taking!

How to reach them

  • SEO (aka- get found on Google) – When someone is looking for hair extensions, the chances are that their first point of call will be to Google “hair extensions near me” or a close variant. Making sure that your website is optimized for local search so that individuals within your vicinity will see you on the map when undertaking this type of search is vital. This is known as local SEO, and you can learn more about how you can make a great impact on your local search here, where we also talk about how to manage your online reputation – a key component in making sure that those looking for your services, choose your salon.
  • Google Ads – However, it can take a little time to build up your SEO, so a quick route is to instead use Google Ads to show at the top of search results when potential clients are searching for keywords related to your business. Check out this helpful guide to getting started. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/google-adwords-ppc

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How to convince them

This type of client doesn’t need to be “sold” on hair extensions – they are already interested. Therefore, they need to be convinced to use your salon as opposed to a competitor. Make sure that your ads or meta descriptions (Jargon Alert – Ask you web person) explain why you are different (and better than) other salons in town.

Whether you offer a superior service, added extras or stock a particularly unique brand of hair products, make sure that this shines through in your ads and on your web pages.


Client Type – The DIYers

This type of potential client has an interest in hair extensions but hasn’t yet taken the plunge into getting a professional salon involved. They may have experimented with DIY hair extensions, or keep thinking about professional extensions, but aren’t actively looking for a salon just yet.

How to reach them

  • SEO & Google Ads

Like the previous audience, the chances are that this audience is out there Googling, but here the search phrases are likely to be a little different. Rather than searching for keywords like near me, they are more likely to be searching for information about hair extensions, for example, “what are the best hair extensions” “what type of hair extension suits thin hair” etc. For SEO, consider providing super informative content about your hair extension products, and this can also be used as a landing page for Google ads.

  • YouTube Ads

Here the aim of the game is to show why your hair extension methods are better than DIY versions. Creating great YouTube content allows you to really show the results they can achieve.

Check out this great guide to advertising on YouTube – https://blog.hootsuite.com/youtube-advertising/

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads

A great way to show exactly what you can do is to use Facebook and Instagram ads to show off your results. Create great videos to show the difference between DIY versions of hair extensions and your methods, or how about filming an entire transformation if your client will allow.

How to convince them

This audience is making the shift from using at-home products to having something more reliable, long-lasting and professional. In both your advertising content and your landing page copy, ensure that you show the benefits of your services over the DIY versions.


Client Type – The Problem to solve

This is the type of client who you can offer the perfect solution for, but they just don’t know it yet! It may be someone who has thin hair but isn’t aware the extensions can solve this issue without the need for super long hair. Or it may be someone with a special occasion coming up, who wants to look amazing, but hadn’t considered extensions to do so.

  • Google Ads

Google ads can be a great way to reach this audience if you go beyond the hair extension keywords. Consider which keywords could be relevant such as “how to make hair thicker” or “best wedding hairstyles”.

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Showcase your talent by using Facebook and Instagram to explain how you can solve these problems. You can use a multitude of media types, from photos to writing great blog pieces about thinning hair and advertise it to your target audience. Check out Facebook Blueprint to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to reach your potential clients.

  • How to convince them

Your main message here should be about confidence, and how your salon will make them feel great! Be clear in your advertising straplines and tell them exactly how you can help them to gain confidence and have the hair they’ve always dreamed of.


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