Website Design

Your website for your business is the most important piece of your business because it wears a lot of hats for your business like you do.  We help design it to fulfill each role to the best of its abilities, so you are getting the most value out of it as a tool to grow your business.   We will go into this in depth, but here are the roles it fills:

  • Advertising Collector
  • New Customer Service
  • Tour guide
  • Sales Person

Advertising Collector

We made this term up, but it is one of the important roles that your website can serve for you that you have never had before.  Your website should be viewed as a giant bucket where all of your marketing is collected.

Twenty years ago all of the advertising dollars were spent to get people to pick up the phone or to come into your business, but consumer buying habits have drastically changed as the internet has changed the game.  However, many small local businesses still advertise the way they did before.  That needs to change if you are going to remain relevant in your community going forward or you might find yourself without a business five years from now or sooner.

We will help you create a website design that is built to funnel people to it from search engines, social media and other areas on the internet that we can link to throughout your community.  That way we can help you create an organic online network that will push you up search engines through SEO optimization.

marketing bucket

New Customer Service

Customers shopping for your service do up to 80% of their research online before they even pick up the phone to call you.  Therefore, your website may be their first interaction with your company outside of your marketing messages.

We will help you create a website design that will serve as your potential customer’s first impression of your business.  It will allow you to have a great first impression and position you on the path to having them know, like and trust you.

Customer Service

Tour Guide

We will help your website design be fluid and easy to use for your new customer.  It will adjust the website design to fit whatever device they are using to view it on with our beautiful mobile friendly design.

It is our goal to learn who your ideal customers are so we can position the content of your website in a way where they feel like your website is talking your customer’s language.  That way they feel like you understand them, and you aren’t throwing a bunch of industry jargon at them that makes them want to run away and hide.

Through our process, we will help your website design tell the story of your business just like you were telling them yourself face to face.  It will guide them through what you do, how you can help them, how they can contact you, and tell your business’s story.

Tour Guide

Sales Person

This is where we find that most websites need the most help.  Most websites are just out there with information but don’t serve a purpose as a way to drive more revenue for your business.  That is what a marketing tool as a website should be designed to do!! 

We will help design your website to act as your online sales person.  Most likely, you are the best salesperson for your business because you are the most passionate and informed person in your business.  We will help your website be your voice online to showcase that passion and knowledge.

Everything should be centered around the goal to help your customer like, know, and trust you because that is the foundation of any relationship.

We will help position your website design to create opportunities for you by following a sales system and process.

Think of it as you were designing a sales presentation for a potentially huge deal.

Most likely it would help answer these questions for the potential buyer:

Who are you?

The website design that we help you create will provide them with all of the information that they would need to make a buying decision for your service and help them get to know you.

Why should I choose you over someone else?

We will help you showcase why you are the best person for the job.  Our primary tool to do this will be to help you differentiate through education rather than selling.  That way you will be serving as a teacher and an educator rather than a sales person.  This way you will help establish trust by positioning yourself as a leader in your industry.

How much does it cost?

We will help you build value throughout your potential customer’s journey through your site.  Most people are willing to pay more for a quality service, however in the absence of value people will usually choose the lowest price.  For that reason, it is your website design’s job to build as much value as possible to justify the cost of hiring you.  We help do this by positioning you as an expert in your field with educational content.

What are my reasons not to buy?

This is mainly covered in the text above, but it is all about handling their concerns in advance before they come up at the end of the buying process.

How do I buy?

We will help your website design make it as easy as possible for people to buy when they are ready, but if they don’t take action today, we have a way to follow up with them.  We will do this in a couple of ways.  If they provide us with their email address, we will plug them into our email communication follow-up system.  If they don’t do that, we have a way to follow up with them through our Facebook strategy that will keep us in front of them if they are just looking for information to hire you in the future.

Sales Person